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My lazy Sunday

I didn’t do a lot today. Just being lazy and relaxed. Wearing comfy clothes and… my new fluffy slippers.

A few days ago I wrote about the wishlist I was planning to make. Well… this is the result:




Today I made some pictures.

I was satisfied about these three:



I wish…

I was going through some old stuff and found this binder from last year. It contained a whole wishlist of stuff I really had to have.

I tried to give my parents some obvious hints about what they could give me for Christmas that year.

I think I’m going to make a new wishlist. Not specifically to give my parents some more hints. This time it’s just for myself. It’s nice to have an overview of the things you really want. 

Hopefully I don’t make the wishlist TOO long!

One of these nice bags will make it to ‘the list’, haha.



Lulu & LFA

I found these lovely earrings on I think wearing just one of them would be so nice.

I also saw these mittens. Made me smile a little. They look so funny, but they don’t fit my style at all.

They’re really warm though. Maybe I’ll buy some basic mittens when my leather gloves become to cold.

Today was a rainy day, it wasn’t really cold though. It was probably not the perfect weather for my LFA boots, but I couldn’t help myself. I had to wear them. I thought my brown LuluCastagnette coat would be a good match. This coat is very autumn-ish because of its colours.

Today’s outfit pictures aren’t really great, because it was already getting dark and my friend didn’t exactly knew how my camera works!

Coat: LuluCastagnette, boots: LoveFromAustralia.




Some pictures of my today’s outfit. I love to wear black and dark shades. The oversized blouse is quite new, but already one of my favorites. I think the choker gives the look a tough edge.

Blouse: Liv, suede leggings: Costes, shoes: Bronx, choker: Nelly.

Here’s a little preview of my newest art. It’s a woodburning piece I’m working on.

Furthermore I found some nice clothes online that I would like to give a warm welcome in my closet. I think these are some really nice colours that just go with almost anything. Too bad I have no money! Haha.

What do you think of these pieces?



To all the people

A fresh start.

I have a whole new lay-out and deleted all my previous blogs. As you may notice I’m now blogging in English. My English isn’t perfect, but I figured this way more people can read and understand my blog.

I want to blog about fashion and lifestyle topics. There will be at least five updates a week (hopefully).

I’m still busy with the ‘shop’, but I will let you know when it’s open!

This is where I live. It’s a studio apartment. I think this is about as tidy as it gets.