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H&M stuff (I want) & small review

I got the new H&M catalogue and I saw some nice things in it I really want (and you should want too, haha):

Yesterday I bought the Dutch magazine Fashionista. It’s a new magazine about fashion & lifestyle. So I had to check it out.

I think one of the best things of the mag is that it features a lot of affordable clothes. I’m already looking forward to the next issue!




I went pretty wild with the rhinestones and other stuff I have for my nails. The result? Some very, very shiny nails.

Hopefully my nails stay pretty for at least a few days!




Outfitpost! I didn’t feel like putting much effort in my looks today. I even don’t wear make up. Just grabbed some clothes that seemed warm enough.

Jacket: Supertrash
Scarf, oversized top, shorts, fluffy ring: H&M
Boots: Red Wing Shoes



DIY & really random things

First of all. I made this DIY, cause I’m wearing a large sweater and I wanted to make a knot in it, but then it became too short, so I couldn’t just wear leggings underneath it. I made a different kind of knot, so I thought a DIY of it would be a nice for you guys!

The random things:

Two snapshots from Saturday eve. I threw a party for some friends. I made the table all pretty with chocolate and other sweet things. My friends said they really appreciated it. Such nice compliment.

And a picture from yesterday. In the late afternoon my feet were hurting me, so it was time for some emergency shoes!



The city is my catwalk

A few days ago I got a bracelet for free from Garnier when I bought some products of it. A yellow bangle with the words: the city is my catwalk. Such a nice statement!

Today I went to the city of Amsterdam with some friends and I was wearing my yellow coat, so the bangle fitted perfectly with it. The rest of my outfit was all black (like most of the time).

The gloves I was wearing are a little bit too big, but it doesn’t really matter, cause when it gets colder I put on some wool gloves underneath so I have two layers and warm fingers.

Coat: Benetton, snood: Coal, dress: Zara basics, shoes: Asos, gloves: Bijenkorf, bow (in my hair): Topshop.

Ayla and me staring at some really awesome window display!



The show-stopper?

The sun was shining and I had a day off. So I spend some time shopping.

I couldn’t resist to take a quick look in Santa’s outlet. This is what I bought. Maybe it’s a bit early for Xmas shopping, but I’m so excited about having my first christmas in this house!

Also I bought two dresses, a casual one in black and a shiny partydress. (Show-stopper much? You’ll probably find out in the near future!)

Speaking about show-stoppers. I have my eyes on these Sam Edelman shoes for awhile. I was looking on and saw a pair that is most definitely inspired by the ones from Sam Edelman. I think both pairs look insanely hot.



It’s too cold outside

Another post in the photography-category. I played a little with the shutter speed. This was one of the results and I was actually quite satisfied about it.

Not really photography related, but I was looking on and I saw these nice things I want to share with you. So stylish!



Be there

I had quite a busy week, so I didn’t make it to do five posts this week. Hopefully next week will be better.

Anyway, I have a new outfitpost for this time. I used a lot of black and brown shades in it.

(Did you already know ASOS gives a 10% off everything until tomorrow 8am? Just enter stylesunday at the checkout.)

Cape: Topshop, scarf & shoes: Zara, bag: H&M, skirt: YesOrNo, turtleneck: Bershka.



Random post!

Last Saturday a few friends came over for a little party. One of them putted his helmet on my teddy bear. Looked so funny!

And a random picture of tonight.

Now I’m gonna listen some John Mayer music and then I’m off to bed!




Yesterday I was at a party. This is what I was wearing.

I had so much doubts choosing my outfit.

In the end I figured an almost all-black outfit wouldn’t be overdressed nor underdressed.

So that’s what I did.

See here; the results!


Shoes: Bronx, skirt: Yes or No, vest: Karen Millen.