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They’ve arrived

Today my new Asos shoes arrived! Yay!

They fit perfectly. So I put them on right away when I went to some stores today. This is what I’ve bought:



At Breda

Yesterday I went to the city of Breda with some friends. First we went lasergaming. My score was -695, haha! But the team I was playing in won anyways. (Not thanks to me though.)

After that we went to an Aussie Pub, named Walkabout. I didn’t feel like a meal with a lot of meat (like the unlimited spareribs they offer), so I went for a salad with carpaccio. Yummm!

When we were all finished we decided to take some drinks. We were at a large number of people, but we found out Café Vulling had enough space for us.

It was a fun day with fun people!

A few days ago I bought this christmas tree. Today I made it all pretty. (My very first christmas tree.) Isn’t it cute!? :D



Sequins on my jumper <3

This outfit is from a few days ago. It was a bit too cold for outside. The poor quality of the pictures make my jeans look black, but it is actually a really dark blue shade.

Blazer: DiLoren
Snood: Diesel
Sequin jumper: Sophie Hulme for Asos
Top: Revelation
Jeans: Royal Chicks
Ankleboots: Bronx


Maybe I’m going to buy a black jeans tomorrow. I really need a perfect pair of black jeans that I can wear till the end of time.

I have already bought these hiker-like shoes on that would go perfect with black skinnyjeans. Too bad I didn’t wait a bit longer. They’re now with almost 50% discount! I did use a code for 20% off though. It was party20. (Valid until tomorrow.)

I’m off to bed!



Casual chic look

(Sorry for the lack of updates!)

This is what I was wearing yesterday. It’s somewhere between casual and chic. I think high heels would give the outfit a total different look, but I chose the comfort of my uggs.

It’s important when you choose an outfit that you’re feeling comfortable in it and that it feels very you. Self esteem makes every look fabulous.

Top, necklace: H&M
Blazer: Asos
Belt: The Sting Accessories
Shoes: UggAustralia
Bracelets: Kitson & ??