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Urbex 25-03-2012

Last Sunday’s urbex trip.

I’ve been to an old school and to a blast furnace. I think I prefer the more industrial surroundings, ’cause most of my shots were made at the furnace.

First location:

Second location:

I should do something about the watermark, it’s a bit blunt. ;) Normally I don’t use watermarks, but you can’t be too careful, eh?



Black leather

I was planning to do today’s update about my urbex trip, but I’m still busy with the editting. Maybe I will put them online tomorrow!

Anyway, I do have some shots I want to share with you today. These pics were made yesterday after work.

Leather jacket: SuperTrash
Nylon jacket, basic top: H&M
Sunglasses: Spitfire

I’m wearing my leather jacket very often. I really like leather and I think this jacket is really fierce.

I would love to add this leather biker and metal bow hair elastics to my collection. Lately I shop lots of blacks and other more ‘dark’ stuff. It might be a bit boring to stay with one style, but it’s easier to put an outfit together fast if you have many pieces that combine well with eachother.



Chillin’ at the park

I have so much stuff to blog about, since I didn’t update the whole weekend. The past few days were quite busy, but in a fun way!

These pictures were made Friday. I was hanging out in the park with friends enjoying the sun. It was really relaxing, exactly what I needed!

Jeans: Dr Denim
Top: Revelation
Blazer: New Look
Shoes, sunglasses: Asos
Bag: Zara

I really like this picture I took of my friend Manon!

I also took this picture, close to sunset.

Coming up: urbex! (I was on an urbex trip yesterday and visited some nice spots in Belgium, so I will definitely share some pictures here!)



Putting on a happy face

I told you in my previous post I bought a new lens. I already made a few pictures with it and I probably will show you some of the results later. I’m not used to a prime lens yet, but I already like shooting with it.

When I needed some outfitshots yesterday I asked my parents to make some. Me being comfortable in black, check it out:

Top: Revelation
Shorts: Zara
Blazer: New Look
Choker: Nelly
Shoes: Asos

Today the sun shines as well and I haven’t been outside yet, but I can see from my window lots of people wearing just a t-shirt. I think I’m gonna join them in a few minutes!



37 pairs of shoes & new camera lens

A while ago I had over sixty pairs of shoes. I think that’s a lot and since I didn’t wear most of them anymore I made a selection of the keepers (for now).

There are still shoes in this picture I don’t wear… but I just can’t say goodbye to them! (I can be such a hoarder, haha.)

37 pairs of shoes.

Today I bought cute sandals. So actually I have 38 pairs at the moment. I will show them to you in the nearby future. :)

I received this 50mm lens I ordered a few days ago! Can’t wait to play with it~



New Dr Denim

Saturday I was at my friend his birthday party. I wanted to make outfitpictures before I went to him, but I was in such rush I didn’t make them anymore. We made some funny pics, but I’m not sure to put them online or not.

I decided to wear the same clothes again yesterday. It’s a really simple outfit, but I just love the Tee from COS because of its front seems and I love the jeans as well. I have told you before I was searching for the perfect pair of black skinnyjeans.

Well… I must’ve found them! These Dr Denim jeans fits so well. (I’m so convinced this is the perfect jeans I just ordered a spare pair. Haha.)

The horizon is not straight in these pictures, but it doesn’t really bothers me (or I just say that because I’m a bit too lazy today to fix it~).

Tee: COS
Jeans: Dr Denim
Boots: Bronx
Bag: Zara




Last week I had a reunion with the people from elementary school. We had dinner and went out to some bars and clubs.

It was so weird to see everyone as they are now: young adults. (Of course I already saw some facebook profiles, but I can tell you: it’s totally different meeting everyone in real life!) At the beginning I felt a bit uncomfortable with so many new ‘old’ people around me, but after a short while I felt more at ease.

Having a reunion is also a moment of self-reflection. I was telling my old classmates what I did the past years and what I’m doing these days. Meanwhile in my head I was wondering whether this is where I want to be right now and how I want the future to be.

I’m already looking forward to a new meet up though. Some people have really interesting stories. I know one classmate told me (many years ago) she got bullied a lot and that doesn’t make school easier. Now she turns out to be this excited and cheerful being. Don’t you think people so strong are really inspiring?

Some pictures:






Simply fabulous

Sometimes less is more. Basic items with just the right colour and only a few sophisticated details.

It’s my new black Zara bag, neon yellow top from Bershka and swimsuit with zipper from Asos.

Simply fabulous.



Shopping, going out, outfittime

I haven’t been updating a lot, but I hope this soon will change!

Last Thursday I joined some friends who were going out. It was a nice evening. I decided to wear my new Tee from Zara. I don’t have an outfitpicture from it yet, but I did make a snapshot with my BB in the changing rooms.

Some pics made in the club:

Maybe it’s the good weather that wants me to update my wardrobe; I did some shopping again!

My very first item from COS and waxed denim shorts from Zara.

At last: an outfitpic! I love walking around in these crazy high heels.

Tee: Capsize
Leather skirt: H&M
Shoes: Senso Diffusion

Fridaynight I had a reunion with people from elementary school. I will tell you about it in my next post!



Spoiling myself

This week I bought myself some more new things. Black bandeau top, snakeprint scarf, printed tee; welcome home.