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I am wearing a lot of make up on this picture. By putting my hair back in a tight knot I didn’t go over the top. The focus goes to my eyes. Just some brown eyeshadow, black eyeliner and some mascara (I don’t have really long lashes as you can see!). My lips are really pale. I just putted some of my foundation mousse on my lips and lots of gloss on it to create this effect.

Body: Papillon
Necklace: Nelly



Clutch & tutu

Look at this amazing clutch bags. They’re sooooo awesome. I want a super over the top outfit (for my b-day or some other party) and I want every detail to be as perfect as possible! Too bad these clutches are out of reach, but still… I’m sure I will find a nice alternative that isn’t more expensive than my rent!

I’m wearing a white petticoat. Thought it would be nice to wear it with my leather jacket from SuperTrash, so that’s what I did. I think I want a tutu in another color, like pink or some pastel shade. I like this combination, but I think it will work better with another color!

Jacket: SuperTrash
Necklace: H&M
Tutu: Burlesk



Moonwalk shoes

I was wondering around on the internet when I found these crazy heels. Oh my… they’re so fabulous!

Jeffrey Campbell moonwalk shoes, please be mine someday!

I did buy some new things. A bandeau top and shorts for spring/summer.

Also I wanna make a skirt. I just found the right fabric, but I can’t decide which color will work for this type. It’s not going to be something casual, so I was thinking about these shades:

Well… I’ll probably will let you know when it’s decided! :)