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I’m sorry again for another HUGE lack of updates!

Anyway, I did some shopping last week at New Look.

I think I will be wearing the orange sheer blouse at Queensday tomorrow. I’m planning to sell lots of my clothes and other stuff. Hopefully I can find a good spot at the fleemarket. I will be selling stuff together with my friend Manon and she just told me people already claimed their spots!




Normally I don’t talk about men clothing, but I saw this at V&D and just felt like sharing.

Don’t you think the three pieces with the red ‘x’ are so wrong? Go Dutch? What has going Dutch to do with your underwear? And… why would you buy shorts saying ‘eat me’? You don’t want that. Seriously, it’s really disturbing.

Fun fun fun? Well, OK, I found some nice pieces as well, I do approve the three shown with the ‘V’. ;)

Coming up in a few days (or maybe tomorrow): outfits and more!



Longing for summer

It’s cold, windy and rainy outside… I’m longing for summer. Walking down the boulevard in an outfit with lots of pastels and white going on. An outfit including one of these items? (Yes please.)

I love pastels. Subtile and sweet.

Lately I wear lots of blacks and other dark colours, but I don’t limit myself to that. If I feel like wearing something different, I just do so.

Well, last Saturday the weather was quite nice and sunny. I already told you in my previous post I was in Utrecht. Here are some of the snapshots I took.



Lost copper

I was in Utrecht the other day. The sun was shining and the weather was quite nice, so we decided to go to the park.

& some more colorful details

I think copper coloured jewelry is really nice. Already started with my Jean Paul Gaultier necklace a few years ago and as you can see I’ve added a hairring and a bangle to the collection.

Sadly enough I already lost the bangle yesterday. :’(

Anyway… I love to take a stroll in the city of Utrecht. It’s so cozy, hehe. (I took some touristic snapshots, maybe I will show them to you later.)



My precious time

Picture of ‘Easter lunch’ yesterday. I think it was a very succesfull noon. When I took this picture I still had to get the eggs and bread from the kitchen, so this isn’t all the food I served my friends. I guess a larger table wouldn’t have been a luxury!

New shoes from New Look. I bought them last week. (I think the weather was so nice I felt like shopping for some spring/summer items.)

Another picture. I think this photo looks romantic.




Last days I was very busy, so I didn’t post anything new for some days.

I have only this picture to show this time. It’s taken last week, but the colors make it look much older, don’t you think? Haha.

Today I bought so many groceries. Tomorrow I will have an ‘Easterlunch’ with my friends here in my apartment! I still have to do a lot cleaning, the place is all messy again… Well, I keep you guys updated.

Have a nice weekend!



Think pink

A hint of pink. The look I’m showing you guys today is pretty effortless, very wearable and nothing special, but it works.

Blazer, trousers, bag: Zara
Top: Gestuz
Shoes: Asos
Necklace: Jean Paul Gaultier

I like the blazer (especially the color of it) but it’s a bit stiff and therefore it wrinkles really fast…




Outfit from a few days ago. I was wearing a basic black top backwards. I didn’t do it in purpose, but when I saw the high neckline in the mirror I actually liked it. (And now I’m doing it more often on purpose, hehe.)

I was in the park again. ;D

Out of focus. :c

Copper colored necklace: Jean Paul Gaultier
Nylon jacket, top, socks: H&M
Jeans: Dr Denim
Shoes, sunnies: Asos

Another almost all black outfit. Just a few details aren’t, like the copper necklace.