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I made plans with a friend to go shopping, but she cancelled it. So I spent the day sunbathing on my roof.

I also made a drawing. It’s not finished yet, so I’ll show you the progress.


Two things for on my wishlist:

I tried the tee on when I was in the store, but I couldn’t decide. It’s a nice tee, but I’m not sure if it’s something for me.



Ups and downs

Hm, said I would do some extra long blogs last week. Too bad for me the week didn’t go exactly as how I wanted it to go. A week with ups and downs…

Anyway. I’m back again, so… outfittime! Wearing my zebra dress with dip back~

Dress: New Look
Heels: Asos
Sunglasses: Spitfire

Random stuff: picture from my b-dayparty and image of my new H&M top:




Globe longboard

Too bad the weekend is almost over. Time flies… It was quite hectic, but I always take my moments of rest. Like today and yesterday’s lunch. Creamcrackers + white tea. Sitting in my window seat, just watching whatever happens in the street.

For my birthday my parents gave me a longboard. You could already see my new board in previous posts, but I also found this product image.

Don’t you think it’s beautiful? And it’s not just pretty, it’s also super addictive! I love to cruise around although me and my board still gotta get used to eachother. ;)

My friend Lisa made some pictures while I were skating:

And at last, an outfitpicture.

Jacket: H&M
Knot up shirt: New Look
Scarf, gloves: ?

Jeans: Dr Denim
Shoes: Converse

I could have another outfitpicture from last night’s party, but I was really late, so I had no time for it. :(



Something old, something new

My sister and I went to Frontrunner today to pick up these Converse All Stars. She gave them to me as a b-day present. Super nice!

I also got her old black Converse sneakers, because she doesn’t wear those anymore.

Parka: H&M
Leggings: Sutherland
Shoes: Converse

I want to do a really long blog, as I told I would do, but I have friends over and I don’t feel really social behind my computer with them being around, haha! See ya~



B-day: 21

I feel old! Today I became 21. I didn’t celebrate it yet, since I had to work and all, but I will have a party next week for my friends.

I had plans for a special birthday outfit today, but I decided to go for my black skinnies in the end. I did wear my new top I bought yesterday. Neon yellow/greenish.

Not really an outfitpic, but this is my new top from New Look:

By the way. To celebrate my 21st b-day on the blog I will make some extra big blogposts till next week (or maybe for a bit longer). Starting tomorrow…



American flag

I will turn 21 in a few minutes.

Today I spent the day shopping for some birthday presents with friends (not for me, but for two friends who celebrate their birthday Saturday). While on our hunt for nice gifts we came across this bandana and scarf.

Since I think the American flag looks kinda fierce I had to buy this.

(I hope I will be updating more and longer posts soon, I’m kinda busy these days, sorry!)



New shoes?

I need some new shoes. I’m not sure if I will go for some Vans or the Converse All Stars. I like both.

Since I’m longboarding almost every day I thought one of these pairs would be nice. They have flat soles, which is important for a good grip on the board.

I just want both, haha.




I have a long relaxing weekend. I cleaned up my room (not done yet) and made a chilling corner from my window seat.

I will show some more pictures when I’m done cleaning up.

In the afternoon I did some skating with my friends. My friend Lisa took this picture:



Conditional love

I have a love hate relationship with swimwear. I’m hoping for a really good summer so I can tan on the beach. But then comes the ‘hate’ part. I want to look good in a bikini which means I gotta get in shape in time, but also finding swimwear that fits my body. At the moment I only have bandeau tops, since these tops have an easy fit.

Well, most of the time, I tried the purple bandeau on (the middle one) and it just didn’t fit my body. Too bad, it’s a lovely top.

My swimwear collection:

As you can see I have some funky colours and more basic ones. Not every set is complete, therefore I will be mixing and matching!



Queensday ’12

Last Sunday me and my friends went to the city to party at Queensnight. There was a funfair and a festival going on. I have some crazy pictures of it, but I don’t think I will share those on my blog. Sorry!

I think I slept like two hours before I had to get up again. On Queensday you’re allowed to sell stuff on the streets without any license. So me and my friend Manon went to a sunny spot in a crowded street and chilled all day long trying to make some big money. (We didn’t really succeed, but at least we sold some of the stuff we brought and had a good time!)

New earring I was wearing:

When I got home I was so tired I slept over 12 hours.

It was a nice weekend.