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Woman in black

Yup, it’s another all black outfit. (Guess you already figured that out after reading the title of this blogpost!)

Today I went to the graduation of my sister. She’s now a bachelor. I’m really proud of her.

I will show you what I was wearing today and in another post I will show what she was wearing (if she allows me). She had a fantastic look! ^^

My outfit:

My eyes look kinda glassy here, don’t know why…

Blazer: Zara
Blouse: Superstar
Skirt: Sutherland
Tights: Asos
Shoes: New Look



YSL <3

Is it a bad thing my wishlist is getting bigger and bigger?

Just added these perfect heels from Yves Saint Laurent to the list. I really want to have them, they look so nice!



How we do:

A little bit over the top, but always with style!

Here are some awesome partyproof pieces:

So much awesomeness!

By the way, I’m on a sort of diet at the moment. This is what my breakfast looks like. Not too bad, eh?



C’est tout!

I got to admit this isn’t really a cold-weather-proof outfit, but I just felt like wearing this ensemble.

The wind was playing with my hair and I had some trouble not losing my hat, but my friend Lisa managed to take some pictures anyways!

Body, skirt: Miss Selfridge
Necklace, socks: Topshop
Hat: H&M
Wedges: New Look



Aztec headband

I really should update more often!

Anyways… New headband. I have this picture of me wearing it, but you barely see the headband.




Zac Posen

Must… have… this perfect corset from Zac Posen. <33



The midheel

Bought some new things yesterday!

For a long time I didn’t bought midheels. Only sky high or flat shoes. I really like the boots though and it’s nice to have the comfort of flats combined with the elegance of heels. Yes, last money well spend.

Since I have this week off and don’t have any big plans I figured it’s a good time to clean up the place. I’m done with my kitchen. Look how cute:

I will take more pictures with daylight. So this is just a little teaser.

Btw, I found this picture on FB, also from the b-day I blogged about yesterday. Not sure who took it, but I think he/she won’t mind me sharing it on VanityMirrorNL. ^^




Saturday’s eve was all about the 25th b-day party of my collegue Ramona~ It was really fun, so I’m gonna show you some of the pictures we made.


Dress: Bershka

I enjoyed the food a bit too much, haha. -eating all the time-




A new month… and probably a month with more blogs.

Beginning with:

Turtleneck sweater: H&M trend
Top underneath: Gestuz
Leatherlook leggings: (?)
Necklace: New Look 

I like how my lipstick matches the outfit. It’s the colour ‘blackcurrant’ from Models Own. (image from

By the way… My room is almost finished. I will move some more furniture and I want a new couch, but my walk-in-part is done. I’m planning to do a post of it in a very near future.