H&M new buys

Image source: H&M

Image source: Tumblr

I love H&M’s new collections. Couldn’t really decide what to buy, so I ended up with quite a big order with a little bit of everything. I tried on some combinations to see what fits me best, because I know that when I keep everything most of it stays unworn for the whole season.

I have also ordered these white sandals (but delivery is taking a bit longer than the other pieces) and thinking about ordering the shiny ones with the chunky heel.

Image source: H&M

Enjoy your weekend!



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3 reacties

  1. O I love both heels! I can’t wait to see how the white ones look on you! And great outfits, I would keep all of it! ;) Would you maybe like to follow each other?

    xx Marije

  2. Amanda zegt:

    Mooie pumps!!

    Doe je ook mee aan mijn giveaway actie om shopping money te winnen? http://bit.ly/X2ElZw

  3. Ms. Allee zegt:




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