Some cooking & some new buys

First of all: to all mothers and especially to my own sweet Mum: Happy Mothersday!

Lately I make a lot of my own meals. I start cooking by the time I get hungry, so most of my meals are done in 20 minutes. I used to eat at my parents’ place most of the time, but now I have more time left I just cook for myself. It’s nice to do, only the dishes afterwards aren’t really my thing!

My meals of the last two days and today:

1. It takes about 15 minutes to make this soup. Put all the ingredients but the egg and the cheese with some water on the fire and let it boil. After 10 minutes you add the (beaten) egg and the cheese. Wait another five minutes, add a little pepper and done!

2. Put the broccoli with some water on the fire and let it boil for some minutes. Take a frying pan that fits the pangasius. Put some seed oil (two spoons will be enough) and put a medium fire up. Wait a few minutes and then put the pangasius in the pan. (Watch out for splashing oil!) Bake it for 5 minutes then turn it around. Add the dill on the pangasius and add the mushrooms. Wait another five minutes… aaaaand it’s ready!

3. Another soup. This one is by far the most basic and most easiest to make! Nevertheless I think it’s really tasty. Cut a onion, a small potatoe and chicken breast to pieces. Put it with some bouillon and water on the fire. Wait 15 minutes and you’re done! Add some pepper if you want to give it more flavour.

You think these lowcarb meals look good? Then go make some yourself soonish!

At last: some new buys. A mug, a jar, a basket and three herbal plants. Don’t you think the mug is super sweet?



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