Mulig: the result & another smart solution

A few days ago I told you about my mod of the Mulig clothing rack. This is how it looks right now:

Eventhough I have lots of closet space with this trick I still needed more room. I once read about a simple solution: using tabs of cans. So you use less space to storage clothes.

I actually do have a new problem. I’m running out of hangers, haha! :p



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  1. sonja zegt:

    handig opbergsysteem. Ik ga er zeker eens naar kijken, ik moet ook nodig eens een andere manier gaan vinden om mijn kleding in op te bergen, kasten zijn zó vol :-/

  2. alexandra zegt:

    I’m thinking about ordering a bunch of these. But I’m really worried that none of the MULIG clothing racks or the “Mulig Clothes Bar” (the clothes bar that you attach to your wall)—-i’m worried that it won’t hold all my clothes! My clothes are too heavy slash I just have too many =P. Do you like the MULIG clothes rack? Is it efficient for the amount of space it takes up? It looks like you have a lot of tricks & possibly a lot of clothes too :-) ! What do you think?? Any suggestions? I love your Coke Can tab solution! I bought something on Amazon which essentially does the same exact thing… wish I saw your post first!

    • M. zegt:

      Sorry for my late response! I think if you want to attach a bar on your wall you need to be sure it will hold (and probably need something more industrial)
      Since a year I bought 3 pax closets at Ikea and still use the modified Mulig rack for my coats

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