Weekly update, part 2

Not a very active week on the blog again, but here’s my weekly update! It was the week of not winning the jackpot at the lottery again, but my employer decide to extend my contract, which kinda felt like winning the lottery anyways, hehe.

The shy cat of my friend looked so cute to me, I like cats so much!

In the weekend I did some shopping with my Mom and she took me to La Place for lunch as well. I had a club sandwich and juice.

I can be such a laggard when it comes to seasonal snacks, love the deep-fried doughnuts. On the other picture you see my sad christmas tree. :p

The left picture shows my work station I had in the corner of the office. Now I have a new station and it’s at the center of the floor. I don’t mind it, only thing that bothers me is that pens disappear too often!

I will do my best to upload interesting blogs, like outfits or new stuff in the upcoming week. :)



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