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From doodle to widget

I thought it would be nice to have a bloglovin’ widget on my homepage. I saw some nice designs, but I wanted to make my own. So that’s what I did!

First I wanted to do something with steampunk. I ended up with this slightly macabre widget. I’m satisfied with it. ^^

You’re allowed to use the widget on your website too, but no hotlinking please. I also would appreciate it when you redirect people to me and my website when they ask you who made it.

Now fuel my widget! +1 it by following me on bloglovin’! :P



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I made plans with a friend to go shopping, but she cancelled it. So I spent the day sunbathing on my roof.

I also made a drawing. It’s not finished yet, so I’ll show you the progress.


Two things for on my wishlist:

I tried the tee on when I was in the store, but I couldn’t decide. It’s a nice tee, but I’m not sure if it’s something for me.