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Those days of summer

Looking outside I see nothing but pouring rain. Guess summer’s over?

Summer ’13 was lovely though. I spend most days on the beach and nights with friends at parties. The absolute highlight of this season was Lowlands festival.

Some impressions of my LL experience:



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Born This Way Ball

Hey y’all. A week ago I went to the concert of LADY GAGA @ Ziggo Dome. It was so awesome to see Mother Monster in real life! I’ve been a fan of her since Just Dance, but this was the first time I’ve been to a concert.

I didn’t bring my camera, but I made some pictures with my phone:

Waiting & getting warmed up by Lady Starlight and The Darkness:



Couldn’t resist the fan merch, so I bought a Tee. ^.^



Tsunacon 3/3: Fashion @ Tsuna

Here is my last post about Tsunacon 2012. I saw lots of girls wearing nice things and I made some pictures. Some of them are a bit blurry, since I think it’s difficult to make a clear shot when the light isn’t great. I still have to learn a lot about photography!

Lolita style! These looks are playful, but also feminine because of the shape and color.

I like every single look shown above, I think these looks are very wearable and stylish. (And don’t you think pink dipdye hair is really hot? :D )

I had a little ‘WOW-moment’ when I saw these two awesome looking ladies. They’re taking sweet lolita to another level! Check out Leyla’s blog for more inspiring outfits.

See you at Tsunacon next year? ;)



Tsunacon 2/3: Unobento

One of the most fun things I did last week at Tsunacon was witnessing Uno’s bento workshop. I made a lot of pictures:

If this pictures made you excited and you want to know how to make a nice bento like shown above, then you should definitely check out these links:
uno’s blog



Tsunacon 1/3: The event

I already told I went to Tsunacon last Sunday. I made so many pictures and these I want to share with you to give a good impression about the convention.

The dealerroom was awesome. Of course there was many manga and anime (related) stuff, but also typical Japanese things and gyaru fashion. <3

(Wish I had bought the fluffy figure!)

Cosplayers! There are a lot of activities on these conventions, but even when you’re not doing anything you won’t be bored, cuz it’s so nice to see all the cosplayers.

This last shot was made at the manga kissa (library).

I didn’t capture everything, but if I had… three posts wouldn’t be enough!


(The other blogposts about Tsuna will follow soonish!)