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Hot summer day

The day before yesterday I went to the beach with a friend. (I want my blog to be chronological, so I actually should have made this blog two days ago, but whatever. ;) )

After a few hours on the beach we went to Blue Lagoon to have some drinks.

(Checking in @ facebook. ;p)

Tomorrow it will be over 30 degrees Celsius! Too bad I can’t go to the beach to have a refreshing dive at sea.

Do you have a summerproof outfit for tomorrow? If not…

(loveloveLOVE & wanted: the UN sandals~)



Beachy look

Today I went to the beach with friends. It was so nice on the beach, though there were many clouds. Luckily they didn’t block the sun!

Here’s my outfit:

Sunnies, top, shorts: New Look
Necklace: Forever21

I love the sunny weather so much and as you can see I finally get a bit of a tan.

By the way, you can still join my facebook page and win the bracelet! :)




Just some impressions of my week.

Noticed the Fashiolista widget? When creating my account they asked me which styles I like… Couldn’t help myself from clicking almost every style! ;)