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Bikerchick much?

This outfit from two days ago is all black with leather details. It made me think of bikerwear. Well, you think I work this bikerchick look? ;)

Jacket: New Look
Jeans: Dr Denim
Ankleboots: Bronx



New Dr Denim

Saturday I was at my friend his birthday party. I wanted to make outfitpictures before I went to him, but I was in such rush I didn’t make them anymore. We made some funny pics, but I’m not sure to put them online or not.

I decided to wear the same clothes again yesterday. It’s a really simple outfit, but I just love the Tee from COS because of its front seems and I love the jeans as well. I have told you before I was searching for the perfect pair of black skinnyjeans.

Well… I must’ve found them! These Dr Denim jeans fits so well. (I’m so convinced this is the perfect jeans I just ordered a spare pair. Haha.)

The horizon is not straight in these pictures, but it doesn’t really bothers me (or I just say that because I’m a bit too lazy today to fix it~).

Tee: COS
Jeans: Dr Denim
Boots: Bronx
Bag: Zara



Classy me

Oh my, I didn’t update for almost a week! Well, here’s a new blog, cuz I’m wearing quite the classy outfit today.

I was freezing while making the pics, but my room is so messy I couldn’t do the shoot inside.

Pics by Rene.

Blouse: Vila
Gloves: Asos
Skirt: Yes or No
Shoes: Bronx

Tonight I will have a dinner with my parents, sister and her bf. Fun!



Sequins on my jumper <3

This outfit is from a few days ago. It was a bit too cold for outside. The poor quality of the pictures make my jeans look black, but it is actually a really dark blue shade.

Blazer: DiLoren
Snood: Diesel
Sequin jumper: Sophie Hulme for Asos
Top: Revelation
Jeans: Royal Chicks
Ankleboots: Bronx


Maybe I’m going to buy a black jeans tomorrow. I really need a perfect pair of black jeans that I can wear till the end of time.

I have already bought these hiker-like shoes on Asos.com that would go perfect with black skinnyjeans. Too bad I didn’t wait a bit longer. They’re now with almost 50% discount! I did use a code for 20% off though. It was party20. (Valid until tomorrow.)

I’m off to bed!




Yesterday I was at a party. This is what I was wearing.

I had so much doubts choosing my outfit.

In the end I figured an almost all-black outfit wouldn’t be overdressed nor underdressed.

So that’s what I did.

See here; the results!


Shoes: Bronx, skirt: Yes or No, vest: Karen Millen.