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Grey tones

The weather is so nice today! My windows are wide open so I can breath in the fresh air. I even checked out some webshops’ summer collections, ’cause I want new shorts, new sunnies and I need a new jacket, a denim one would be nice. I’m also looking for new footwear. (But what I need the most right now is money, I can only do some window shopping at the moment, haha~ ;) )

Anyhow, this is what I’m wearing today.

Necklace, skirt: Forever21
Sweater: H&M
Bracelet: Asos 



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Aztec headband

I really should update more often!

Anyways… New headband. I have this picture of me wearing it, but you barely see the headband.




Summer’s gone :(

I already miss the summer. As soon as fall began I became sick (not joking here). At the moment I only have a sore throath, the rest of me is feeling fine~

Well, I have one last summerproof outfit for this year. I worn this a few weeks ago, but forgot to upload it!

Denim gilet, crop top, sunnies: New Look
Skirt: Forever21
Shopper: H&M
Sandals: Miss Selfridge