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Zara Home

I can’t stop visiting the Zara Home webstore over and over. They have so much pretty stuff!

Love these items~



The midheel

Bought some new things yesterday!

For a long time I didn’t bought midheels. Only sky high or flat shoes. I really like the boots though and it’s nice to have the comfort of flats combined with the elegance of heels. Yes, last money well spend.

Since I have this week off and don’t have any big plans I figured it’s a good time to clean up the place. I’m done with my kitchen. Look how cute:

I will take more pictures with daylight. So this is just a little teaser.

Btw, I found this picture on FB, also from the b-day I blogged about yesterday. Not sure who took it, but I think he/she won’t mind me sharing it on VanityMirrorNL. ^^



Outfit & homey stuff

Here is a more casual look. The outfit has some nice details like the stiches at the knees and the beads at the shoulders of my blazer.

Blazer: Asos, jeans: Royal Chicks, tee: LADY GAGA merchandise, shoes: UggAustralia.

I found these things on the internet. They’re all quite affordable, accept for the blue vase with the head on it. That one is a bit expensive, but nevertheless: super nice!

I’m thinking about making a new category, ‘home’. Then I could show you some inspiring images and more cool stuff.