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For me, for you

Hey y’all, I did some shopping at Nelly.com. Most of the items (like the three shown below) are from their sale! I also got an extra 10 euro discount with the code I got from Nelly’s facebook: happyxmas. (Valid until 14th January.)

I also bought a present for you, my follower. Soon more info:



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Putting on a happy face

I told you in my previous post I bought a new lens. I already made a few pictures with it and I probably will show you some of the results later. I’m not used to a prime lens yet, but I already like shooting with it.

When I needed some outfitshots yesterday I asked my parents to make some. Me being comfortable in black, check it out:

Top: Revelation
Shorts: Zara
Blazer: New Look
Choker: Nelly
Shoes: Asos

Today the sun shines as well and I haven’t been outside yet, but I can see from my window lots of people wearing just a t-shirt. I think I’m gonna join them in a few minutes!



You know what it is… BLACK ‘n YELLOW!

Yeah, uhhuh, you know what it is, black ‘n yellow, black ‘n yellow!

I claim my blog to be fashion & lifestyle related, but I’ve never done a post specifically about trends! So here’s a new category: fashion trends.

Of course, there are lots of trends going on, but one caught my special attention: going yellow. I myself bought a bright yellow coat last year and I’m still wearing it very often. I think it’s such a nice colour. I even like it better when it’s combined with black (or other dark shades).

Some nice items for spring? (Love the aztec print):

Trends are awesome, but a trend is no rule. Maybe that’s the best thing about it; you can interpret fashion in so many ways.



New top

Today I received this top I ordered at Nelly.com. It’s from the brand Gestuz. In this picture it looks like a nice black basic top and that’s exactly what it is if it wasn’t for the nice fabrics and the low back. I will show you’ll later in an outfit pic.



The show-stopper?

The sun was shining and I had a day off. So I spend some time shopping.

I couldn’t resist to take a quick look in Santa’s outlet. This is what I bought. Maybe it’s a bit early for Xmas shopping, but I’m so excited about having my first christmas in this house!

Also I bought two dresses, a casual one in black and a shiny partydress. (Show-stopper much? You’ll probably find out in the near future!)

Speaking about show-stoppers. I have my eyes on these Sam Edelman shoes for awhile. I was looking on nelly.com and saw a pair that is most definitely inspired by the ones from Sam Edelman. I think both pairs look insanely hot.




Some pictures of my today’s outfit. I love to wear black and dark shades. The oversized blouse is quite new, but already one of my favorites. I think the choker gives the look a tough edge.

Blouse: Liv, suede leggings: Costes, shoes: Bronx, choker: Nelly.

Here’s a little preview of my newest art. It’s a woodburning piece I’m working on.

Furthermore I found some nice clothes online that I would like to give a warm welcome in my closet. I think these are some really nice colours that just go with almost anything. Too bad I have no money! Haha.

What do you think of these pieces?