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Must sees & wannahaves

This shoe from Finsk is awesome. It’s like a sculpture. Pure art if you ask me. The bangle is from the Anna Dello Russo collection at H&M. Launched today. It’s still available on the webshop, but I don’t have money at the moment. :(


Here’s an easy breezy outfit I would wear. Although I’m not sure if the weather would allow me to. Well, at least it’s sunny today. (Already own the bracelets from Asos!)




Last Saturday I was in Amsterdam with friends. I like walking around in that city, it’s always crowded. I tried a little shopping as well, but I like shopping on less busy days. So I didn’t buy anything.

It’s me and my friend Kelly! I like her style and her crazy shoes~

(On the left a random picture of two boys, because the one with the brown shoes looked superstylish.)

We had dinner at Vapiano’s, I took the pizza with tuna.

You know the coat collection for V&D by Mart Visser? Today I tried this yellow coat on. I love the color (remember my previous post) and it fitted nice, but I figured since I already have a yellow coat I rather save my money for something else.

It’s a beautiful coat though.




Some pictures of my today’s outfit. I love to wear black and dark shades. The oversized blouse is quite new, but already one of my favorites. I think the choker gives the look a tough edge.

Blouse: Liv, suede leggings: Costes, shoes: Bronx, choker: Nelly.

Here’s a little preview of my newest art. It’s a woodburning piece I’m working on.

Furthermore I found some nice clothes online that I would like to give a warm welcome in my closet. I think these are some really nice colours that just go with almost anything. Too bad I have no money! Haha.

What do you think of these pieces?