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A lovely day in the park. My friends and I originally had a day on the beach in mind, but the forecast was very uncertain, so we decided the park was a good alternative.

Today I’m not only featuring my own outfit, but also the look of my colorful friend Manon!

Sunnies: New Look
Blouse: Fishbone
Top: Tally Weil
Shorts: H&M Divided

Hairband: Zara
Sunnies: H&M
Crop top, shorts: New Look

Of course I was wearing my allstars again. I wear them almost everyday at the moment and meanwhile I wish I had some money to buy more sneakers! Haha.



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Outfit from a few days ago. I was wearing a basic black top backwards. I didn’t do it in purpose, but when I saw the high neckline in the mirror I actually liked it. (And now I’m doing it more often on purpose, hehe.)

I was in the park again. ;D

Out of focus. :c

Copper colored necklace: Jean Paul Gaultier
Nylon jacket, top, socks: H&M
Jeans: Dr Denim
Shoes, sunnies: Asos

Another almost all black outfit. Just a few details aren’t, like the copper necklace.



Chillin’ at the park

I have so much stuff to blog about, since I didn’t update the whole weekend. The past few days were quite busy, but in a fun way!

These pictures were made Friday. I was hanging out in the park with friends enjoying the sun. It was really relaxing, exactly what I needed!

Jeans: Dr Denim
Top: Revelation
Blazer: New Look
Shoes, sunglasses: Asos
Bag: Zara

I really like this picture I took of my friend Manon!

I also took this picture, close to sunset.

Coming up: urbex! (I was on an urbex trip yesterday and visited some nice spots in Belgium, so I will definitely share some pictures here!)