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Closet edition

I finally took some pictures of the walk-in part of my room. Maybe I will change some small details, but I’m very satisfied with how it looks already.

Beware of this clothes and shoes overload!

I don’t have a really large studio, though the fact it was possible to ‘build’ a walk-in closet in it makes me say it is big enough for me at the moment. <3



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New shoes?

I need some new shoes. I’m not sure if I will go for some Vans or the Converse All Stars. I like both.

Since I’m longboarding almost every day I thought one of these pairs would be nice. They have flat soles, which is important for a good grip on the board.

I just want both, haha.



37 pairs of shoes & new camera lens

A while ago I had over sixty pairs of shoes. I think that’s a lot and since I didn’t wear most of them anymore I made a selection of the keepers (for now).

There are still shoes in this picture I don’t wear… but I just can’t say goodbye to them! (I can be such a hoarder, haha.)

37 pairs of shoes.

Today I bought cute sandals. So actually I have 38 pairs at the moment. I will show them to you in the nearby future. :)

I received this 50mm lens I ordered a few days ago! Can’t wait to play with it~




Last Saturday I was in Amsterdam with friends. I like walking around in that city, it’s always crowded. I tried a little shopping as well, but I like shopping on less busy days. So I didn’t buy anything.

It’s me and my friend Kelly! I like her style and her crazy shoes~

(On the left a random picture of two boys, because the one with the brown shoes looked superstylish.)

We had dinner at Vapiano’s, I took the pizza with tuna.

You know the coat collection for V&D by Mart Visser? Today I tried this yellow coat on. I love the color (remember my previous post) and it fitted nice, but I figured since I already have a yellow coat I rather save my money for something else.

It’s a beautiful coat though.