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Sorry for party rockin’

Omg, I had such a crazy night last Saturday. Me and my friend Manon went out to a club for some dancing, but before we go we took a shot of Stroh 80.

And well… since I don’t drink very often I became a bit tipsy. No problem of course, I mean, it isn’t harder to dance when there’s a little alcohol in your blood, right? Haha.

A few drinks later (already in the club) my friend got up on the bar for dancing and she encouraged me to come up too. I did. So I was dancing, but I lost my balance a bit and took a step back.

I stepped on the place where the barkeeper puts his clean glasses. I felt the hate of four bartenders, hahaha. (Didn’t care at that moment though.) I came down anyways, I didn’t want to fall down for real!

Later that night we went outside and before going home we were talking with some people and decided to have a little afterparty at my place. Such a crazy night! Nevertheless a really fun one~

(Btw, I love the outfit I was wearing that night, I’m gonna wear it again in a few days, so then I probably make some better pictures of it!)