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Sweet kiss

It’s sunny and the snow is melting. Although I like snow, I don’t like the mess and chaos it causes. Also I’m already really looking forward to spring and summer. I miss the relaxing days in the park and on the beach.

Ah well, in less then two months spring begins!

I was playing with my make-up and this was the result. A little heart. I used creamy foundation for my lips and then I coloured a heart in the middle with my Bourjois ‘sweet kiss’ lipstick. To give it some extra shine (which doesn’t really show on the pics because of its poor quality) I used the ’3D effet’ from Bourjois.



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My imaginary vacation

I would really REALLY like to go on a sunny holiday… very soon! :(

Imagesource: seaturtlenet.com, columbusmagazine.nl, gravity skateboards, myrecipes.com

And it doesn’t really help when I keep googling images like these. It’s 1.05 AM as I’m writing this post, so I suggest myself going to bed and dream about all this instead.