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Just right

Sunnies: H&M
Jacket: SuperTrash
Snood: Asos
Top, skinnies: New Look
Sneakers: KO’s via Ebay

This doesn’t look like a spring outfit at the first sight, but it’s just right. Not too warm and not too cold. I sometimes have trouble choosing the right coat or jacket when I go out a whole day. The temperature can drop so soon when night falls.

Today I will be busy again cleaning out my closet. At the moment I only found three pieces I can let go, haha! Before I started I made myself a nice breakfast.

Half a bagel with cheese, cucumber and egg (just the white, I don’t really like egg yolk), next to that small tomatoes and white tea. Perfect.



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Black leather

I was planning to do today’s update about my urbex trip, but I’m still busy with the editting. Maybe I will put them online tomorrow!

Anyway, I do have some shots I want to share with you today. These pics were made yesterday after work.

Leather jacket: SuperTrash
Nylon jacket, basic top: H&M
Sunglasses: Spitfire

I’m wearing my leather jacket very often. I really like leather and I think this jacket is really fierce.

I would love to add this leather biker and metal bow hair elastics to my collection. Lately I shop lots of blacks and other more ‘dark’ stuff. It might be a bit boring to stay with one style, but it’s easier to put an outfit together fast if you have many pieces that combine well with eachother.



Clutch & tutu

Look at this amazing clutch bags. They’re sooooo awesome. I want a super over the top outfit (for my b-day or some other party) and I want every detail to be as perfect as possible! Too bad these clutches are out of reach, but still… I’m sure I will find a nice alternative that isn’t more expensive than my rent!

I’m wearing a white petticoat. Thought it would be nice to wear it with my leather jacket from SuperTrash, so that’s what I did. I think I want a tutu in another color, like pink or some pastel shade. I like this combination, but I think it will work better with another color!

Jacket: SuperTrash
Necklace: H&M
Tutu: Burlesk




Outfitpost! I didn’t feel like putting much effort in my looks today. I even don’t wear make up. Just grabbed some clothes that seemed warm enough.

Jacket: Supertrash
Scarf, oversized top, shorts, fluffy ring: H&M
Boots: Red Wing Shoes