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Last week I had a reunion with the people from elementary school. We had dinner and went out to some bars and clubs.

It was so weird to see everyone as they are now: young adults. (Of course I already saw some facebook profiles, but I can tell you: it’s totally different meeting everyone in real life!) At the beginning I felt a bit uncomfortable with so many new ‘old’ people around me, but after a short while I felt more at ease.

Having a reunion is also a moment of self-reflection. I was telling my old classmates what I did the past years and what I’m doing these days. Meanwhile in my head I was wondering whether this is where I want to be right now and how I want the future to be.

I’m already looking forward to a new meet up though. Some people have really interesting stories. I know one classmate told me (many years ago) she got bullied a lot and that doesn’t make school easier. Now she turns out to be this excited and cheerful being. Don’t you think people so strong are really inspiring?

Some pictures: