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Putting on a happy face

I told you in my previous post I bought a new lens. I already made a few pictures with it and I probably will show you some of the results later. I’m not used to a prime lens yet, but I already like shooting with it.

When I needed some outfitshots yesterday I asked my parents to make some. Me being comfortable in black, check it out:

Top: Revelation
Shorts: Zara
Blazer: New Look
Choker: Nelly
Shoes: Asos

Today the sun shines as well and I haven’t been outside yet, but I can see from my window lots of people wearing just a t-shirt. I think I’m gonna join them in a few minutes!



New Dr Denim

Saturday I was at my friend his birthday party. I wanted to make outfitpictures before I went to him, but I was in such rush I didn’t make them anymore. We made some funny pics, but I’m not sure to put them online or not.

I decided to wear the same clothes again yesterday. It’s a really simple outfit, but I just love the Tee from COS because of its front seems and I love the jeans as well. I have told you before I was searching for the perfect pair of black skinnyjeans.

Well… I must’ve found them! These Dr Denim jeans fits so well. (I’m so convinced this is the perfect jeans I just ordered a spare pair. Haha.)

The horizon is not straight in these pictures, but it doesn’t really bothers me (or I just say that because I’m a bit too lazy today to fix it~).

Tee: COS
Jeans: Dr Denim
Boots: Bronx
Bag: Zara



Shopping, going out, outfittime

I haven’t been updating a lot, but I hope this soon will change!

Last Thursday I joined some friends who were going out. It was a nice evening. I decided to wear my new Tee from Zara. I don’t have an outfitpicture from it yet, but I did make a snapshot with my BB in the changing rooms.

Some pics made in the club:

Maybe it’s the good weather that wants me to update my wardrobe; I did some shopping again!

My very first item from COS and waxed denim shorts from Zara.

At last: an outfitpic! I love walking around in these crazy high heels.

Tee: Capsize
Leather skirt: H&M
Shoes: Senso Diffusion

Fridaynight I had a reunion with people from elementary school. I will tell you about it in my next post!




First of all I want to wish you all a happy newyear and I hope you all had a nice new year’s eve!

I called this first blog of 2012 ‘victory’. We made it through another year. Even if the last year wasn’t all that great all the time. We can try to make this year better anyways.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

I didn’t make any good resolutions, but since a week or so I’m trying to lose some weight and because many people do have the resolution to lose their belly fat lots of diet products have discount at the grocery stores. I’m going to make some good use out of it (cuz again I didn’t win the lottery).

Blazer: Zara
Snood, tights: Asos
Top: Modström
Basic skirt: Sutherland
Shoes: Senso Diffusion



Be there

I had quite a busy week, so I didn’t make it to do five posts this week. Hopefully next week will be better.

Anyway, I have a new outfitpost for this time. I used a lot of black and brown shades in it.

(Did you already know ASOS gives a 10% off everything until tomorrow 8am? Just enter stylesunday at the checkout.)

Cape: Topshop, scarf & shoes: Zara, bag: H&M, skirt: YesOrNo, turtleneck: Bershka.